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What is Linnworks?

Linnworks is a cloud-based order and inventory management system. This is designed for businesses and retailers that are item-based. As well as having the standard inventory management functions it also features shipping and order management capabilities whilst allowing you to integrate all of you ecommerce platforms, meaning you can customise the features to suit your businesses needs.
The system is compatible with sites such as eBay, Amazon, Shopify and many more. As well as being compatible with the ecommerce platforms it also integrates with shipping outfits like UPS, FedEx, USPS and Royal Mail.
Linnworks boasts a bulk-listing tool where its users can update any product information and this will update across all channels saving the need to perform multiple entries. The system is also set up to work with international sales making life easier by converting currency and providing customizable shipping labels.


How can we help?

Fitted Commerce was founded by Charlie McBroom, the former product and marketing manager at Linnworks. Fitted Commerce has helped implement many of Linnworks’ flagship customers. We take a tailored approach not just by reviewing your current pain points but also how other areas of Linnworks can improve your operations.

For existing Linnworks customers, we offer training, consultations and even our Linnworks M.O.T, where we see how you are using the software and point out areas for improvement. That is not all, we run the Linnworks Users Hub, an independent Facebook group with over 1000 members, giving free advice and support there.

Linnworks Onboarding

Getting you set up with Linnworks

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Get set up with a certified Linnwrorks partner. Save time and get the most out of the system.


Linnworks M.O.T.

Get an analysis of your current setup

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Our famous Linnworks service, let us run an alaysis of how you are using your system and advice on how to make the most of Linnworks.


Training & Consulting

Get the most out of Linnworks

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Get training on how to use Linnworks and let us consult on how to fit the system for your business needs.


Certified Partner

Use a certified partner

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Fitted Commerce was founded by Linnworks former product manager and is a Linnworks certified partner.



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