Shopware: Disabling Surcharge for Small Quantities

shopware disable surcharge

Shopware is an amazing ecommerce platform, it has a tonne of features and you can do so much with it. With that in mind, when you are new to a system, it can be hard initially to find the right option or feature.

One issue we have been asked when people are testing Shopware out for the first time is “where can I disable the surcharge for small quantities?”.

When first installing Shopware and running your first test order, you may see a £5 charge for “surcharge for small quantities”.

This certain surcharge is held on the Customer Groups, to access this and edit the Surcharge you need to:

  1. Click on configuration
  2. Then select basic settings
  3. Expand shop settings on the menu
  4. Then select customer groups

Here you will see Min Order Value and Order Surcharge, by changing these to 0 you will no longer be charged the surcharge for small quantities.

Shopware Disable Surcharge

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