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How To Download My Amazon Listings

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

How To Download My Amazon Listings

Wouldn’t it be great to export all your Amazon listings into one spreadsheet? Especially if you have not saved any of your upload templates from the past.

Here is a guide that will allow you to download them into a text file giving you the ability to open them in a spreadsheet software such as excel.

This is also a handy little export if you are going to start using a multichannel software or ERP system like Linnworks.

If you have over 50,000 listings then you will need to use a different method. Click here for more information.

Download Your Inventory

If you haven’t already then sign into Seller Central. From here click on the Inventory Tab and select Inventory Reports.

In the middle of the page, you will see a drop down named: Select Report Type, the report you need to download is called “Active Listings Report”.

It may take some time to manifest depending on how many listings you have, but once the report is live, you will be able to click the download button.

So What Does The Report Contain

The report has quite a lot of useful information, below are the fields that the export contains.

  1. item-name

  2. item-description

  3. listing-id

  4. seller-sku

  5. price

  6. quantity

  7. open-date

  8. image-url

  9. item-is-marketplace

  10. product-id-type

  11. zshop-shipping-fee

  12. item-note

  13. item-condition

  14. zshop-category1

  15. zshop-browse-path

  16. zshop-storefront-feature

  17. asin1

  18. asin2

  19. asin3

  20. will-ship-internationally

  21. zshop-boldface

  22. product-id

  23. bid-for-featured-placement

  24. add-delete

  25. pending-quantity

  26. fulfillment-channel

Need Help Exporting Your Inventory

Do you have over 50,000 listings or are just struggling to get the data you need from Amazon? Fill in the form below and we will be happy to help.

Download Your Amazon Listings?

Need help or advice downloading your Amazon Listings?

We are here to help, just fill in the form and one of our ecommerce specialists will reach out to you.

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